Wednesday, December 22, 2010

me myself :)

this is real me. the only zuzue azzahra adruze binti ismail.

hmmm not sure this what i expected
i have had a great life full of adventure and i would like to see if any one is interested.

ahaha. ok. this is my first time using blog. so first of all, i wanna apologize to everyone if my blog such fishy. i really dont know how to use it :) let's start with my name. me zuzue azzahra adruze binti ismail. studied at politeknik kuching sarawak, dip in mechanical engineering. im not the one who loves to wear make up. ahahahaha. before that, i wanna warned u guys. as u all, im the author of my life. and please, dont bother mine. u do urs and i do mine. as simple as that. ok? ^^, cheers....