Tuesday, December 13, 2011

long distance relationship (:

it's been so long dh me sik update blog. soree blog. me nadai masa bah. HAHA.

okay, wanna share a lil bit bout my feelings. since hero my hero away from me, me rasa boring gilak. nie sik, before tk, where, when, why me kua. mesti my hero by my side. mcm me boring bah hero dh jaoh. but, come lah JUJUE. he have to go sbb jobs. bkn beperang. k nyenang etie dirik pn :') me pn sik tauk. me dgn hero bkn mcm couples. mcm kwn jak. i really lost without him. here i have some tips for me myself and i to went through my long distance relationship : HAHA

"Talk about it beforehand. Ask the important questions, like whether or not they’d be willing to relocate if the relationship grows more serious. Although it may seem awkward, it’s best to also set the ground rules for whether or not you’ll be dating exclusively."

"Don’t be controlling. This will just drive your partner away. Being in a long distance relationship requires extreme trust, and it can take time to build."

"Be positive. Have hope! Don’t focus on the negative aspects of your long distance relationship, because, let’s face it: They’re not always fun. It’ll make things worse. Use the time apart to grow personally — explore your hobbies and and interests. Exude positive energy to keep your partner’s spirits up, too."

insyallah me dapat (:
p/s hero, u know that i really loves and cares about you. and how i wanted you so much. so, please be true to me. take a good care of yourself. my loves towards you is such like a day without sun when you're not around. <3


Ahmad Ali (bukan nama sebenar) said...

datang follow blog sini . jom try usha blog sana pulak ngeh2