Thursday, January 19, 2012

sad :'(

* even my mouth says i didn't care, but look inside my eyes, it tell a different story.
* to tell him the truth, i've just avoiding everything (':
* when i cry at night, the only thing i can think to myself is, how can i seem so perfectly fine in the 
   morning. why do i smile like nothing is going wrong? and how does not one single person 
   notice than I AM NOT OKAY?
* let Allah look inside him and hopes that everything will be okay. insyAllah. amin yra :(

 ONLY YOU . . .

my hero :D

thanks syg cause u never ever leave me even if i ask for it.
thanks syg cause always be true and i really hope that u'll be mine one fine day. amin yra
i will always loving you no matter what. 
insyAllah, if we're destined to ba together, we will <3

LOTS OF LOVE : zuzue azzahra adruze binti ismail.